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Инфо : Grammy-nominated DJ and multi-genre producer MING has spawned EDM trends for two decades. Just ask Steve Aoki, who publicly proclaimed MING "a legend." To fans’ delight, that legend is still very much in the making. Most musicmakers would beam at such plaudits. But the New York native and adoptive Harlemite born Aaron Albano is matter-of-fact about his place in the game. Given EDM’s constant turnover, longevity intones lasting peer respect but needn’t necessarily ensure currency. That rift doesn’t daunt the ambitiously genre-proof MING, who is equal parts producer, songwriter, remixer, multi-instrumentalist, and studio savant. He’s again turning heads –consider his massive, genre-bending Blackout EP on Datsik’s Firepower Records– and topping charts—simultaneously notching four Top 40 trap remixes on Beatport.
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