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welcome! here on my soundcloud you can find exclusive st...
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Инфо : welcome! here on my soundcloud you can find exclusive studio previews of my different works, from my balearic sound to deep house, from progressive to trance but also some of my orchestral score and trailer cues. Check out my weekly 2-hour radio show "Magic Island - Music for Balearic People" where I play all my newest tracks and remixes as well as all my favorite tracks of the moment. The first hour is dedicated to melodic and uplifting trance and the second hour is where I play more balearic, progressive and cross over electronic dance. Tune in every Friday, 4PM US Eastern / 9PM UK / 22:00 Central European Time, on to catch the show live on the air. For more information please visit my website at or my official Facebook page at Hope you enjoy my weekly sets and hope to see you at my live shows around the world. Now have fun and take care. Your, Roger Shah
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