Rubea Stella
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Rubea Stella aka Andrei Demin is DJ and Soundproducer fro...
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Место нахождения : Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg
Инфо : Rubea Stella aka Andrei Demin is DJ and Soundproducer from St. Petersburg. The main style of music is Uplifting Trance. He also likes to experiment with a different music styles including Psy Trance. Andrei's career began in the end of 2013 after he had been interesting in cosmic sounds which are used in Post Rock. So Trance and all its manifestations became the main direction of his work. In the summer of 2014 Andrei became the regular DJ in Sound bar Banka which located at the Dumskaya street in St. Petersburg. This place is the famous club street in city. A lot of night sets were played in this club and recorded many mixes. The positive mood and energy of DJ couldn't leave indifferent the visitors of Sound bar Banka. At the same time Rubea Stella released first work as producer in Uplifting Trance. Since 2016 Andrei Demin is the head of the international electronic music forum Colisium Electronic ( At the moment Rubea Stella actively performs as a DJ in clubs of St. Petersburg. Last releases: Rubea Stella - Saint-P Rain (Original Mix), Polygon Records, 2017 Rubea Stella - The Countdown To Life (Original Mix), Yeiskomp Records, 2017 Rubea Stella - Ever on Planet (Original Mix), Yeiskomp Records, 2017 Rubea Stella - Right Where I Whant (Original Mix), Yeiskomp Records, 2018
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