A State Of Trance Episode 980 [@A State Of Trance]

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A State Of Trance Episode 980
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  1. Another episode of a state of trance thanks armin for another episode of a state of trance and also for talking about the situation in Bali Indonesia and also thanks for helping our animals from trash dumped in the ocean

  2. Thanks, Armin, for the guest Richard Durand. Richard….your “ID” sounds….brutal, huge!!!! ??Thanks for your unstoppable energy!!!!!
    And thanks, Ruben, for the 2nd hour.
    Congrats from Bilbao (Spain).

    1. @Rodrigo Benton i really appreciate your reply. I got to the site through google and I’m in the hacking process now.
      Seems to take quite some time so I will get back to you later with my results.

  3. I am so thankful to be living in this moment in time. We are approaching 1,000 and I pray that I am here to experience the wonderful vibes that I feel from every episode, every week. Another amazing episode! I love you guys. I love your energy and I love your spirit. Thank you Armin and thank you Ruben and thank you Ferry.

  4. This eposode of ASOT sounds better than ever! You guys are amazing. Sending ❤ and support from New York City at a much needed time. Always have listened to Armin, but have a whole new appreciation of this now for sure. Peace and health to you and Reuban!!??❤

  5. Armin and Ruben thank you so very much for this fantastic episode ❤.
    I look forward to ASOT all week long . You’re episodes are energizing, encouraging , and filled with love not only from the makers of these amazing tunes but from all the supporters of ASOT around the globe . This is a family and this family has lifted me up at my best and worst moments . SO WITH THE LOVE WE ARE MADE FROM I THANK YOU ALL ????❤?☮???

  6. WOW!!!!!!! SIMPLY BEYOUND WORDS!!!! This kind of music wanna make you live with your headphones on…HUGE THANK YOU GUYS, SO, SO UPLIFTING AND INSPIRING!!!! Wow~~> ID, OPEN and IN THE STUDIO by Richard Durand… Omg takes directly to A New Dimension!!!! ?????????


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