Andrew Rayel & David Gravell – Trance ReBorn (Mark Sixma Remix)

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Turning his hand to Andrew Rayel and David Gravell’s blistering anthem for Find Your Harmony 100, Mark Sixma once again cements his position amongst the big blokes of Trance. Merging the uplifting melody with pounding kick drums and piercing synth strikes, he makes sure ‘Trance Reborn’ is more than ready for another round of dance floor cracking.

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Visual Concept by Jeroen Sprenkeler.

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    1. i agree with @Remco425. This is no where near “Trance”. I think you are a poort boy here cjTerraformer. This track is completely screwed and tbh its a huge surprise that it came from Mark Sixma himself. From your comment, i dont think you have any idea of the weight this title means to people who has been following trance music. If its call TranceForm or something, maybe it does suit those kind of typical edm stuff, but trance reborn??

    2. trance is like a feeling when you listen to a song and you fall into something you cant really describe..lets say happiness for example… it doesnt matter if its 100 bpms or 140 bpms… so please tell me what is typical for a ”Trance” song. And yes… Trance Reborn, why not ? Trance + some new influnce of edm or house, so the title fits perfect in my opinion.. if you want to hear ”real” trance, pls go back into the past^^..


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