Andrew Rayel feat. Jonny Rose – Daylight (Official Music Video)

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Andrew Rayel is a regular on various Armada imprints. And with good reason. With ‘Daylight’, the Moldovan producer delivers another stunning tune, featuring the captivating vocals of Jonny Rose. ‘Daylight’ is the reason you’re coming out of bed each morning, in more ways than one.

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  1. Nothing like Andrew in his better days of Coriolis, Aeon of Revenge, Exponential, Opera, Drapchi… This music is “like afrojack music video”. But the things changes and we have to accept it.

    1. @gemscence and you’re a hipster, that’s the f*cking point of being a producer, to sell your product and if btw that’s how the world runs you know? If you don’t like the song just say it, don’t try to be “the special one who doesn’t like commercial stuff”.


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