Andrew Rayel & Maarten de Jong – Find Your Harmony Episode 213

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01. Aly & Fila & JES – I Wont Let You Fall [FSOE] 00:01:55
02. Adam Sobiech – Roses [Euphonic Recordings] 00:06:05

03. AXMO – The Mind [Rave Culture] 00:09:04

04. Andrew Rayel & Robbie Seed feat. That Girl – Stars Collide (Arggic Remix) 00:12:30
05. Rio Lorenzo – Awakening [AVA] 00:17:25
06. Beatsole & Whiteout – Oracle [Armada Music] 00:19:22
07. DIM3NSION & Lydia Schrough – Always Loved You [Flashover Recordings] 00:23:00

08. Chukiess & Whackboi feat. Amin Salmee – Alive [inHarmony Music] 00:25:40

09. Ahmed Helmy – Freedom Soul [Armada Music] 00:31:04
10. 2Sher – We Can Be (2Sher Remix) [Phatbull] 00:33:26
11. Leo Lauretti & Taygeto feat. Giovanna Biachi- Find My Own [Eliptical Sun Records] 00:36:35
12. Somna & Melissa Loretta – Constant Fire [AVA] 00:39:45
13. SMR LVE feat. Roxanne Emery – Lost In Love [Always Alive] 00:44:05
14. Specific Slice & Sandro Mireno – The Fall Of The Titan [Abora Recordings] 00:46:55

15. Andrew Rayel – Dark Warrior (Chris Schweizer Remix) [inHarmony Music] 00:50:58

16. Allen Watts & Steve Dekay – The Phuture [Who’s Afraid Of 138?!] 00:55:38
17. LR Uplift – We Must Live (Intro Edit) [Abora Recordings] 01:00:36
18. Jameson Tullar & Leanne McAuley – Echo In The Dark [Yeiskomp Records] 01:04:00
19. Tony Hang – Willpower [Regenerate Records] 01:07:32

20. Andrew Rayel & Robbie Seed feat. That Girl – Stars Collide (RYDEX Remix) 01:11:15

21. Aviell & Alternoize Dj – Breath Of Heaven [Entrancing] 01:16:00
22. Giuseppe Ottaviani – Till We Meet Again [Armind] 01:19:26

23. Dan Stone – Vice Versa [FSOE Fables] 01:23:15

24. Corti Organ & Sarah de Warren – Better One (ID Remix) [inHarmony Music] 01:26:57

25. Sunset & Alpha Force feat. Robin Vane – With You (Eugenio Tokarev Remix) [Armada Music] 01:33:12
26. Metta & Glyde and iMI – You’re In My Orbit [Amsterdam Trance] 01:35:40
27. Hit The Bass & Oraw feat. Kate Miles – Let Me Be (MatricK Remix) [Reaching Altitude] 01:39:45
28. Marlo & Haliene – Whisper (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Reaching Altitude] 01 :42:38
29. Last Soldier – Liberation [Digital Society] 01:48:52

30. Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) [Nettwerk] 01:51:40

Maarten de Jong Guestmix:
01. Super8 & Tab vs Christina Novelli – Rooftops (Maarten de Jong Remix) 01:59:12
02. Mark Sherry – Total Eclipse 02:02:36
03. Sander Van Doorn – Riff 02:08:04
04. Maarten de Jong & Allen Watts – Hatseflats 02:12:25
05. Ben Gold – Kingdoms (Artento Divini remix) 02:17:00
06. Tempo Giusto – The Fall 02:20:50
07. Mauro Picotto – Like this like that (Richard Transelli Remix) 02:25:04
08. Maarten de Jong VS Corti Organ – Flash 02:30:23
09. Dan Stone – Placebo 02:34:06
10. Dominant Space – Acid Rave 02:39:45
11. Andrea Ribeca – Orange Light 02:41:51
12. Ferry Corsten & Ciaran McAuley – Mo Chara 02:47:12
13. Maarten de Jong & Allen Watts – Caffeine 02:53:00

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  1. Another absolutely amazing show Andrew, which had me bouncing from start to finish! Just when I think it couldn’t possibly get any better, you go and play my all time favourite trance tune ever! Delirium’s Silence is just magical! If possible, I would love to hear you remix some old tunes, by the likes of Dee Dee, Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo and Milk Inc. I’m sure that would be epic!!! Keep up the amazing work ?

  2. Buddy, this is the best. Thank you for keeping this going. I used to hit up every festival possible, but now I have a young family so it’s just not doable anymore. But cutting the lawn and listening to this brings me back. Don’t stop!

    1. @Zoltán B. Absolutely you are correct. Maximum respect to Armin for the many years he has been a trance god, he’s an absolute legend. And before him, Ferry Corsten was the king. But what I think you will find is that Armin is probably very happy to find that there is another DJ that people are celebrating for being as good/better than him and it’s not disrespectful to his legend to say so.
      In my personal opinion Andrew’s radio show has been far more entertaining and energetic than ASOT for the last few weeks. That does not mean I have any less respect for Armin, I just think he’s suffering from a bit of burnout and depression at the moment. But I seriously hope he bounces back.

    2. @Kacper Kowalski MAXIMAL RESPECT TO ARMIN !!! He is in the TOP ~ 20 years, and He can Reunion year to year and make music and live sets, which are another Universe… You should check Armin Untold festival videos 5-8 hours long….. another Universe…

  3. Another brilliant set… top class as usual Andrew.

    Really loved the Ferry Tayle remix of Marlo & Haliene – Whisper and also the Talent ID remix of Better One was absolutely massive! Can’t wait for the reveal next week


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