Black Hole Night with Robert Nickson

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On May 29 we broadcasted the third Black Hole Night in Rotterdam. Collaborating with a new partner we delivered the best possible interactive experience for our fans. Experience Robert Nickson’s enchanting Tellurian album special.

01. Robert Nickson – Iridium Flare [Black Hole]
02. Tony Anderson – Immersion (Robert Nickson Remix) [Pure Trance]
03. JES – Wish You Were Here (Robert Nickson Remix) [Black Hole]
04. Robert Nickson – Halo [Pure Trance]
05. Robert Nickson – Oort Cloud [Black Hole]
06. Robert Nickson with Re:Locate – Maya [Black Hole]
07. Robert Nickson – ID
08. Robert Nickson with M.I.K.E. Push – Blue Encounter [Black Hole]
09. Robert Nickson with Thea Riley – Feed My Soul (Club Mix) [Black Hole]
10. Robert Nickson – Hello! [Pure Trance]
11. The Midnight – Los Angeles (Robert Nickson Remix) [The Midnight Music]
12. Robert Nickson – Journey to the Deep [Black Hole]
13. Solarstone & Robert Nickson – Voyager II [Black Hole]

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