Calvin Harris – ’18 Months’

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1. Green Valley 2. Bounce feat Kelis 3. Feel So Close 4. We Found Love feat Rihanna 5. We’ll Be Coming Back feat Example 6. Mansion 7. Iron w/ Nicky Romero 8. I Need Your Love feat Ellie Goulding 9. Drinking From The Bottle feat Tinie Tempah 10. Sweet Nothing feat Florence Welch 11. School 12. Here 2 China w Dillon Francis feat Dizzee Rascal 13. Let’s Go feat Ne-yo 14. Awooga 15. Thinking About You feat Ayah Marar.

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  1. 00:00 Green Valley
    00:27 Bounce (feat. Kelis)
    00:42 Feel So Close
    01:27 We Found Love (feat. Rihanna)
    01:42 We’ll Be Coming Back (feat. Example)
    02:36 Mansion
    03:11 Iron (with Nicky Romero)
    04:27 I Need Your Love (feat. Ellie Goulding)
    04:58 Drinking From The Bottle (featuring Tinie Tempah)
    06:17 Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch)
    07:32 School
    07:49 Here 2 China (with Dillon Francis & Dizzee Rascal)
    08:53 Let’s Go (feat. Ne-Yo)
    09:53 Awooga
    10:24 Thinking About You (feat. Ayah Marar)

  2. 0:00 Green Valley
    0:26 Bounce
    0:41 Feel So Close
    1:26 We Found Love
    1:40 We’ll Be Coming Back
    2:26 Mansion
    2:10 Iron
    4:26 I Need Your Love
    4:58 Drinking From The Bottle
    6:16 Sweet Nothing
    7:31 School
    7:59 Here 2 China
    8:53 Let’s Go
    9:52 Awooga
    10:23 Thinking About You
    Go to iTunes to preview these also 🙂
    Album is spot on! Absolutely love We’ll Be Coming Back and Drinking From The Bottle

  3. Well I just saw Calvin Harris play last night, and I can tell you that he was clearly the best one there out of Tiesto, avicii, and many more. It was amazing and you are WRONG. WOOO CALVIN! Boss since im not alone, still the boss.


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