Gareth Emery feat. Annabel – You’ll Be OK (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) [Official Audio]

The first 138 remix of “You’ll Be OK” from my new album THE LASERS. Stream it here:

Gaz xx

Limited 12″ Vinyl (Black Edition) available here:

Gareth Emery

Giuseppe Ottaviani


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  1. Yes! Another song for my High Drive playlist. If I have to much in my mind, I’ll drive my car to downtown Houston at midnight when the streets are basically empty, circle downtown like 3 or 4 times with my cold air at full and the windows opened, blasting my music and forget about everything.

    1. @JM Cabrera bro there’s always somewhere to go with stunning views here and trance goes perfect with all the amazing views and they’re everywhere, hey add me on TikTok and you can see everywhere I explore, I also talk about investing it’s called cashhacksofficial, maybe some day we go for a drive haha

  2. Mr. Gareth Emery makes very good dance songs, but when the remixers, like John O’Callaghan (Comcrete Angel & Save Me), Bryan Kearney (U), Standerwick (Reckless) and now Giuseppe Ottaviani (You’ll Be Ok) put their mark, these songs become GOLD Trance!

  3. This song will remind you of these uncertain times we live in now and years from now you will look back on this and say, I am ok. I am blessed to be alive…. now what will you do with this special gift.

  4. I hope we will be soon OK… ? A perfect tune, the not mixed version is very chilling and almost romantic. This one here gives me the motivation and positive vibes, great work! Cheers and stay healthy People! ?


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