Husman – Cyberpunk [Extended Mix]

Marking the next high-magnitude offering of Husman on Andrew Rayel’s inHarmony imprint, ‘Cyberpunk’ brings the thrill from the first second till the last. From the supercharged build-up to the pulsating synths and slamming beat drop, this cut is intent on busting speakers all year round.

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    1. @Abel Britez no big room trance is a mix of big room and trance this has no trance elements.
      Examples of big room trance:
      Cosmic gate – Tonight
      Marlo & AVB – This I vow
      Super8 & Tab – Cosmo
      Ashley wallbridge & Garett Emery – Cvnt5 of the Caribbean
      Above and beyond – there’s only you

      These songs have big room elements such as:
      The kicks are what you would find in house not the usual boomy trance kicks

      The song progresses linearly and the drop is the most climatic part
      (True trance builds up and becomes intense, then breaks down and then the drop is the same or similar intensity to just before the breakdown)

      Trance elements such as:
      Rhythmic baselines (usually rolling)

      Lots of atmospheric synths and a chord progression

      A calm, melodic breakdown relative to the rest of the song


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