Lema & Shafer featuring Roxanne Emery – Summer Air (Lyric Video)

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Every summer the festival season has a defining festival anthem, one particular song that stands out from the rest as the implicit soundtrack to that year’s festival mayhem. This new collaboration between DJ Lema, Sol Shafer and Roxanne Emery might just be that soundtrack! Sweet beats, summer melodies and an uplifting touch combined with the clear vocals of Roxanne make for a sublime blend. The track makes you feel like you are cruising along the Californian coast, roof down and hands up in the “Summer Air”!

Video directed by Jillian Austin, produced by Murder Mitten,

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  1. *THE* Ultimate summer track. It just…feels summery. I wish it was summer! I usually like autumn and winter, but now I’m waiting for summer. I can listen to this and pretend. Really, really loving Roxanne Emery…her voice is soooooo gorgeous.


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