Markus Schulz interview (part 3)

Markus about The new album, collaborations, new Schulz album, released this summer, new talented singers

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FaceCulture spoke to German dj Markus Schulz about his latest album Los Angeles ’12, electronic music, new energy in the scene, crazy parties, Electric Daisy Carnaval, dance music conquering United States, hip hop in decline, staying fresh, true passion for the scene and lots more! (09/02/2012)

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  1. this new sound is evolution.
    Trance is experiencing a revolution.
    Like everyone else, we need to look forward.
    you either go with it or you don’t! real easy.

    pop music is something i would link to Armin not this new sound.

  2. Maybe you should tell and his fans that.. Currently no genre of music is experiencing a revolution.. Almost every underground sound in under siege by corporate America, trance is no exception. Music is deteriorating quickly, evolution requires new ideas and this “new” sound is just rehashing old ideas.


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