Orkidea – Revolution Industrielle (Official Music Video)

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Orkidea’s last single venture, the purer-than-pure ‘Purity’, stoked floor fires bright throughout the autumn.
Drawing substantial deck & radio show rotation from Armin van Buuren and multitude of other tier-1 DJs, press-side it was hailed is as “a real treat!” with Tilllate scoring it a red-hot 9.5/10. The UK’s DJ Mag meanwhile described it as having a “doomy dash of ‘Bladerunner’ with several tablespoons of ‘Oxygène’ about it”. For his next release, the flying Fin, delves even deeper into the latter’s sonic gene pool, with a stunning retro-futuristic revision from the Jean-Michel Jarre universe.

He’s taken the legendary composer’s 1988 classic ‘Revolution Industrielle’ and, bringing all his accrued production knowledge to bear, repurposed it for 21st century clubbers.
Orkidea brilliantly, assuredly recasts JMJ’s ‘Revolution Industrielle’ as a deep-into-the-night club floor titan, utilizing masterful chord transposal and emotion-spiking Roland D-50 synths to retain the original’s soundscape feel & drama.
A release with one foot in the past… and the other most firmly in the future, to quote ‘Revolution Industrielle’ itself, it’s “today, tomorrow… forever”.

Video produced by Sami “Kajis” Huttunen.

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    1. @Jameson London thanks so much for your reply. I got to the site through google and I’m in the hacking process atm.
      Seems to take quite some time so I will get back to you later when my account password hopefully is recovered.

  1. I think it’s really importent that tracks like that this get’s played more on the big radioshows like ASOT, this is the core of trance and if we drift to far away from this sound we might lose the trance we all know and love

  2. Кто сказал,что транс умер? Да за время существования транса как жанра уже столько треков написано,что можно смело слушать то,что есть и не переслушаешь. И это уже обеспечивает бессмертность!

  3. Ok not to diminish just how f#cking awesome this song is, BUT take a look at the production value and flow of this video !!! It is absolutely incredible !!!!!! Visual masterpiece! And I’m not talking just about the cinematography, the editing and timing is a piece of ART!! Huge congrats to the editor/editors who created this. You don’t get the credit that you deserve. A lot of people will never see your art, but trust me some of us do and we REALLY respect it.

    1. It was published by black hole so to be fair, it’s not some college kid with a camera….they are a major recording company. Orkidea is also quite a big shot in his home country so whoever was employed to get the clips, film and edit the video is likely to be a professional….


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